Hello! Looks like you made it to Mr. Dube's wiki. I am a science teacher at LSHS and coach of the boy's soccer team. As you can see from the above pictures, when I'm not at the school I enjoy studying hydrodynamics and volunteering as a fisheries biologist.

Interested in hydrodynamics? Check out:

The nonlinear dynamics of rogue waves and holes in deep-water gravity wave trains. By: Osborne, A., Onorato, M., and Serio, M.

Abstract: Rogue waves are rare “giant”, “freak”, “monster” or “steep wave” events in nonlinear deep water gravity waves which occasionally rise up to surprising heights above the background wave field. Holes are deep troughs which occur before and/or after the largest rogue crests. The dynamical behavior of these giant waves is here addressed as solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation in both 1+1 and 2+1 dimensions. We discuss analytical results for 1+1 dimensions and demonstrate numerically, for certain sets of initial conditions, the ubiquitous occurrence of rogue waves and holes in 2+1 spatial dimensions. A typical wave field evidently consists of a background of stable wave modes punctuated by the intermittent upthrusting of unstable rogue waves.

Winds from this year's big fall storm let to waves of over 30 feet high being recorded out at the slate islands! These could be easily seen from shore over 9 miles away!

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Ship in waves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deX7R9RbmX0&feature=fvw
Big wave surf! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsHzU0ynRZk&feature=fvsr

Interested in outdoor, experiential, environmental education?! Me too! I recently completed my Master's thesis in Education. I've posted to link below if you're interesrted in checking out my completed thesis!

If you like that you might also enjoy this:

Alone in the wilderness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYJKd0rkKss

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Feb. 4th/11

Hey! Check this out! Skating on the soccer field! Just another beautiful day in paradice...


Feb. 22nd/11

Hey! Check out this link to an article in Outdoor Canada about Mikey Mac and his journey apprenticing for a fisheries Biologist!